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Adonit – #CoverRemix – Competition

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"Rozzie Harry - KooKoo"

The makers of the Jot stylus collection held a competition asking for digital artists to recreate a classic album cover, for a chance to win their new touch sensitive Jot Touch.

I re-created the cover for the Debbie Harry album, KooKoo, using Sketchbook Pro on the iPad1, for which I won third place and will receive a Jot mini. Nice :)

The winning entries can be seen here.

Buy a specially commissioned portrait

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"Kott" 2012I have just set up shop with Etsy, enabling people to order their own specially commissioned piece of Art.

Are you looking for a way to celebrate a Wedding? Pregnancy? A new arrival?
Looking for a special gift for the grand parents? or would you just like a big portrait of yourself for the living room wall?

My artwork is created from photographs that you send me. It is not a filter, each line, shape, colour, gradient is created manually by me. I can work to specific requirements, including style, colour scheme, print size (max A1 841mm/594mm) etc. Please feel free to test me!

These paintings are all digital vector images and can be printed to any size without loss of quality. Final images are printed on high quality photo paper and posted, rolled up in a cardboard tube. I do not frame them myself as it causes issues with posting but if you have a specific frame, give me the measurements and I will make sure it fits.

Please take a look at the gallery and see if there's anything that inspires you!

What does SIRI look like?

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Nomad Brush competition

The makers of Nomad Brush have started a competition to find the truth behind the new Apple technology, SIRI.

This is my interpretation, painted on the iPad using Sketchbook Pro, but without the Nomad Brush as I don't yet have one. To give me a chance of winning one, please l go to their website and vote for my painting!

What do you think SIRI looks like?

Merry Christmas!

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Wrap up warm and surround yourselves with love ones and carbohydrates, 'tis the season to be joyful. Have a wonderfully Merry one,



On Facebook: “Will Paint for Food”

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Artist for Hire

Are you looking for an interesting gift idea? Need to know what to buy for the family this Christmas? Or do you just like the idea of commissioning a portrait of yourself for the living room wall?

This Christmas, I am pimping myself out to create the art that you want. I can paint personalised, bespoke art to your specific requirements. Have a frame to fit? a colour code to match? no problem. You can purchase just the digital image or order a high quality print up to A0 size.

Find me on Facebook or search for "Will Paint for Food".

iPad Art – 48 Squares collection

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I don't usually do abstracts but had an idea for these when trying to print iPad paintings and realised how obsessed I had become about resolution and not being able to see the pixels!

Many artists who work digitally still try to replicate traditional styles and techniques, and I too have been guilty of this. We should not be ashamed of showing digital art for what it is, a tightly packed series of pixels (instead of powdered pigments).

Digital artists should embrace and celebrate the pixel!

Ironic really that these paintings are vectors...

National Open Art Exhibition 2011

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My iPad painting, "Expecting" (2011) has been entered into the National Open Art Exhibition in the UK. Looking over the past few years exhibits, there is not much inclusion of digital artwork, so we'll have to wait and see if it is accepted.

It was painted on the original iPad using Steve Sprang's wonderful vector art App, InkPad. Steve was one of the founders of the iPad Art movement when he created the Brushes App, which was adopted by David Hockney.

For other InkPad art, check out the amazing examples in this Flickr group.

Chichester Oxmarket Gallery

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I have entered my painting "Relaxing (and waiting)" (2011) into the Oxmarket Stride Open Art Exhibition. This is an exhibition of local artist's work displayed in the heart of Chichester, West Sussex.

I've not entered work into the Oxmarket before but hear that they are keen on traditional artwork. Do they consider iPad artwork to be an acceptable medium? Only time will tell.

iPad artwork workflow: Procreate App

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A few people have asked me about my process when painting using Procreate on the iPad.
My processes don't vary much, I only use the one brush, which I believe to be a standard one with the app. It acts like an old brush which hasn't been cleaned properly and splits and scratches as you paint - I love it!

I always start by painting in a black background, not worrying if it gets covered completely.

Then, starting a new layer I loosely block in shape and colour using the brush at 100%.

Each extra layer I create, I shrink the brush down a little to slowly work in the form and structure of the face making sure that the brush strokes follow the lines of the face. I try not to over work anything, keeping it loose.

The final layer will be for highlights of hair and points of light, painted using the brush at 1%. The brush I use doesn't work well at 1% to you have to keep working in again and again.

To finish off, I then move back to the first layer, the black background, and add detail or light to suit the mood of the painting.

These images were painted from photos but not traced. I'm not against tracing (I have done it openly in that past), but I wanted a loose feel to these portraits. I would paint from real life but nobody wants to model for me. They have all taken about 1 hour and have been painted in one go, with the exception of Emma #3 which I kept going back to. I think this shows as it seems over worked to me.

Julia Kay Portrait Party

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I have uploaded a series of portraits to the Flickr Group, The Julia Kay Portrait Party.

A Portrait Party is an event where artists get together and draw each other. Since we live all over the world, it's not always possible to get together in person. This group (affectionately known as JKPP) Is a virtual Portrait Party in which artists draw each other from photos posted for that purpose. All members of the group are therefore both subjects of portraits and creators of portraits.

The group can only be joined by request but all artwork is open for the public to view. For more information, and to see all of the artwork, click here

To see portraits that other artists have done of me, click here