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National Open Art Exhibition 2011

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My iPad painting, "Expecting" (2011) has been entered into the National Open Art Exhibition in the UK. Looking over the past few years exhibits, there is not much inclusion of digital artwork, so we'll have to wait and see if it is accepted.

It was painted on the original iPad using Steve Sprang's wonderful vector art App, InkPad. Steve was one of the founders of the iPad Art movement when he created the Brushes App, which was adopted by David Hockney.

For other InkPad art, check out the amazing examples in this Flickr group.

Chichester Oxmarket Gallery

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I have entered my painting "Relaxing (and waiting)" (2011) into the Oxmarket Stride Open Art Exhibition. This is an exhibition of local artist's work displayed in the heart of Chichester, West Sussex.

I've not entered work into the Oxmarket before but hear that they are keen on traditional artwork. Do they consider iPad artwork to be an acceptable medium? Only time will tell.

iPad artwork workflow: Procreate App

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A few people have asked me about my process when painting using Procreate on the iPad.
My processes don't vary much, I only use the one brush, which I believe to be a standard one with the app. It acts like an old brush which hasn't been cleaned properly and splits and scratches as you paint - I love it!

I always start by painting in a black background, not worrying if it gets covered completely.

Then, starting a new layer I loosely block in shape and colour using the brush at 100%.

Each extra layer I create, I shrink the brush down a little to slowly work in the form and structure of the face making sure that the brush strokes follow the lines of the face. I try not to over work anything, keeping it loose.

The final layer will be for highlights of hair and points of light, painted using the brush at 1%. The brush I use doesn't work well at 1% to you have to keep working in again and again.

To finish off, I then move back to the first layer, the black background, and add detail or light to suit the mood of the painting.

These images were painted from photos but not traced. I'm not against tracing (I have done it openly in that past), but I wanted a loose feel to these portraits. I would paint from real life but nobody wants to model for me. They have all taken about 1 hour and have been painted in one go, with the exception of Emma #3 which I kept going back to. I think this shows as it seems over worked to me.

Julia Kay Portrait Party

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I have uploaded a series of portraits to the Flickr Group, The Julia Kay Portrait Party.

A Portrait Party is an event where artists get together and draw each other. Since we live all over the world, it's not always possible to get together in person. This group (affectionately known as JKPP) Is a virtual Portrait Party in which artists draw each other from photos posted for that purpose. All members of the group are therefore both subjects of portraits and creators of portraits.

The group can only be joined by request but all artwork is open for the public to view. For more information, and to see all of the artwork, click here

To see portraits that other artists have done of me, click here

iAMDA Unseen exhibition goes LIVE!

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The online exhibition of artwork created purely on mobile devices has gone live online for all to see.
One of my paintings, "Snowblind" (2011), can be seen amongst others chosen by exhibition juror Michael James Miller, Associate Professor of Visual Arts at The University of Illinois.

I was honored to select work for the first ever iAMDA Juried Exhibition "Unseen". Since my own studio work investigates the impact of digital processes on contemporary culture, I was eager to see what artists were doing with this new visual platform. Certainly, the hand-held device is the latest in a series of revolutions that has empowered individuals to create anywhere, anytime, and immediately distribute to a wide audience. It seems that the photo studio, painter's easel, video camera, and sketchbook have collapsed into each other and now fit neatly inside the artist's pocket.
In choosing the works and awards for the show, I wanted to represent the breadth of artistic practice allowed by mobile devices. I was impressed with the quality of work in the pool, and the ability of participating artists to produce work that matched the appearance of "analog" processes. I was most engaged by those submissions that used the unique abilities of this new creative tool: mobility, spontaneity, and hybridity between hand-drawn and mechanical elements. These works highlighted a central question that all artists must address going forward, namely, what is the relationship between tradition and technology? I thank the iAMDA for inviting me to engage this compelling new field of visual inquiry and to expand my understanding of the question.

Sincerely, Mike Miller Associate Professor of Visual Arts University of Illinois at Springfield

Click here to view the gallery.
For more information regarding the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists please visit
If you have a smartphone or tablet device, why not try creating Art yourself and share with the rest of the world on Flickr?
To view all of my videos and artwork, please visit

iAMDA online exhibition

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Painting selected for iAMDA exhibition

iAMDA is the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists and includes artists working on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Nintendo DS etc.
This May they are showing their first online exhibition of members work on the theme "The Unseen".
The show is juried by visual artist, Michael James Miller. Miller’s paintings, installations, and prints investigate the continuing relationship between art and technology. He is currently an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at The University of Illinois, Springfield.
Selected works will be featured in an online exhibition hosted on and will remain in the exhibition archives (accessible on the site) after it closes.
I had entered three paintings, all created on iPad using InkPad app, and had one accepted for the exhibition. The painting is called 'Snowblind' and it will be an exclusive for the exhibition.
I will update when the exhibition goes live, until then, please visit my homepage to view all current artwork.


Two of my iPad paintings have been selected as part of an exhibition of artwork created using Autodesk software.

The two paintings, Visitor (2011 - right) and Smudge Portrait (2011), both created using Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro software on the iPad, will be displayed at the Digital Canvas exhibition at the Open Market in San Francisco starting on May 11th.

For more information, check out the AutoDesk website.

Visit my website to view all of my artwork.

iPad Artist exhibition – Austin, Texas

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I have had two iPad paintings accepted into the Art for the iPad exhibition at the Austin Details gallery in Texas, USA. The exhibition was juried by esteemed iPad artist Corliss Blakely, renown for her lifelike and highly detailed artwork.

The two paintings chosen for the exhibition were St. Sulpice de Royan (2010) and Stefan (2011) (above).
The exhibition runs along side the SXSW festival, more information can be found here, or see the Facebook page here.
The exhibition opening night photos can be seen here, and all of my iPad Artwork can be seen at

“Celebration” shoot completed

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The shoot for the short film, "Celebration" has been completed in the seaside town of Littlehampton in West Sussex.
The 10 minute film starring Jos Lawton and Andrew Elias was written by the suspiciously monickered Sparky Doonan.

With a crew of just 3 and a budget of zero, everyone gave their time and equipment for free, for a chance to work together and get the script onto the screen.
The film is now in the edit suite and aiming for a Winter 2010 deadline. For more information, click here for the Facebook page.

First Light Movies WIN

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A group of 14-19 year olds I've been working with in Worthing have just scooped a big win at the FirstLight Movie awards in London.
Their short animation 'Happy Cloud' won BEST COMEDY at the event hosted by Dick and Dom.
The group, Worthing Youth Media, go the UK Film Council funding in 2008 to complete 3 films over a 12 month timescale. Alongside Happy Cloud, they produced a 10 minute social realist drama called 'Teenager', and an 8 minute zombie movie called 'Outbreak!', which was nominated for Best Drama.
Please see my secret filming of the event (sorry FirstLight)

Go to for more information.