iPad artwork workflow: Procreate App

Posted on: September 20th, 2011 by roz No Comments

A few people have asked me about my process when painting using Procreate on the iPad.
My processes don't vary much, I only use the one brush, which I believe to be a standard one with the app. It acts like an old brush which hasn't been cleaned properly and splits and scratches as you paint - I love it!

I always start by painting in a black background, not worrying if it gets covered completely.

Then, starting a new layer I loosely block in shape and colour using the brush at 100%.

Each extra layer I create, I shrink the brush down a little to slowly work in the form and structure of the face making sure that the brush strokes follow the lines of the face. I try not to over work anything, keeping it loose.

The final layer will be for highlights of hair and points of light, painted using the brush at 1%. The brush I use doesn't work well at 1% to you have to keep working in again and again.

To finish off, I then move back to the first layer, the black background, and add detail or light to suit the mood of the painting.

These images were painted from photos but not traced. I'm not against tracing (I have done it openly in that past), but I wanted a loose feel to these portraits. I would paint from real life but nobody wants to model for me. They have all taken about 1 hour and have been painted in one go, with the exception of Emma #3 which I kept going back to. I think this shows as it seems over worked to me.