iAMDA Unseen exhibition goes LIVE!

Posted on: May 25th, 2011 by roz No Comments

The online exhibition of artwork created purely on mobile devices has gone live online for all to see.
One of my paintings, "Snowblind" (2011), can be seen amongst others chosen by exhibition juror Michael James Miller, Associate Professor of Visual Arts at The University of Illinois.

I was honored to select work for the first ever iAMDA Juried Exhibition "Unseen". Since my own studio work investigates the impact of digital processes on contemporary culture, I was eager to see what artists were doing with this new visual platform. Certainly, the hand-held device is the latest in a series of revolutions that has empowered individuals to create anywhere, anytime, and immediately distribute to a wide audience. It seems that the photo studio, painter's easel, video camera, and sketchbook have collapsed into each other and now fit neatly inside the artist's pocket.
In choosing the works and awards for the show, I wanted to represent the breadth of artistic practice allowed by mobile devices. I was impressed with the quality of work in the pool, and the ability of participating artists to produce work that matched the appearance of "analog" processes. I was most engaged by those submissions that used the unique abilities of this new creative tool: mobility, spontaneity, and hybridity between hand-drawn and mechanical elements. These works highlighted a central question that all artists must address going forward, namely, what is the relationship between tradition and technology? I thank the iAMDA for inviting me to engage this compelling new field of visual inquiry and to expand my understanding of the question.

Sincerely, Mike Miller Associate Professor of Visual Arts University of Illinois at Springfield

Click here to view the gallery.
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